About Still Bay
As the name of the town suggests, Still Bay is a tranquil destination where you will be able to experience a true sense of serenity.
The climate is wonderfully mild and the days are sunny - perfect weather for a beach holiday. Take pleasure in long walks on idyllic white beaches where you can look for the pansy, a typical seashell of this area.
With the wide range of available activities, it is certain that your stay here will be thrilling. Enjoy boat outings, safe swimming, good surfing conditions, water sports, tennis, squash, a golf course overlooking the sea, and many more. Nature lovers will appreciate the numerous hiking trails, as well as the beautiful nature reserve.
Still Bay offers many culinary delights. Visitors can dine in one of the many restaurants, buy fresh fish at the harbour, or indulge in a traditional locally-prepared meal in Melkhoutfontein.
In the nearby Blombos Cave, palaeontologists have discovered artefacts of ancient man that date back to more than 70 000 years ago. The decorated pieces of ochre that were found suggest that early man demonstrated ‘modern behavior’ much earlier than was formerly believed possible. At the Still Bay Museum, a recreation of the cave can be seen.


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